Kennel Accommodation

All of the accommodation area is centrally heated with fan air vents for your pet’s comfort, throughout winter or summer. With en-suite patios to add to the comfort, we supply clean sanitised plastic beds in which we place the bedding supplied by you, for your pets comfort this is requirement for all dogs boarded unless you state otherwise for practical or medical reasons. Elevenses of biscuits will be served, whilst our guests vacate their quarters for room service. Although your pet will receive plenty of outdoor playtime, we also offer daily walks in our fields & wood area, not only encouraging extra exercise but also stimulation and enjoyment these are all included in the price as there are no hidden extras here at Birchwood.

  • We do require that you supply your own soft bedding for your pets comfort and is a requirement of the boarding licence.


  • All food and water bowls are supplied, but again if your pet has their own favourite toys or chew bones, don't hesitate to pack it and send it over.

  • If during your pets stay they require medication we will happily administer at our discretion. Please supply full lists of medication and times of administration. ​

  • We also run a weight watchers scheme although some pets get health gains from the change of exercise regime, please enquire for details.

Sheltered, ensuite outside run

Central heating

Comfortable, clean accommodation

Daily walks

Wet or dry food supplied plus treats

Kennels cleaned daily

Our kennels were used in the award winning advert

"Every Home Needs A Harvey"

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