Our Services

Reservations and Availability:

To avoid disappointment, we advise that all reservations are booked as early as possible. This is especially the case during the peak periods such as Christmas, Easter and School summer Holidays, as spaces are limited. A deposit of £50 per dog is required to confirm your booking. The fee is fully refundable, if the booking is cancelled 28 days prior to the boarding start date in writing, this must include a stamped and addressed envelope for your deposit return, before your pet’s booked arrival date. Important: If we have not received the deposit within one week of you making a reservation, we reserve the right to cancel the booking. You have not made a reservation until we have received a filled in booking form and deposit, we do not take reservations over the phone or online.
We reserve the right to decline any dog we feel is unsuitable for boarding.

Arrivals and Departures:

7 days a week 

Saturdays, Sundays, New year’s eve and Bank Holidays : 

Prior written consent is required if anybody other than yourself will be collecting your pet, we also require the car registration number.
No drop off or collection Christmas eve, Christmas day, Boxing day and New year’s day.

Bark and Ride:

If you don't have time to drop off your pet, don't panic; we will happily collect your pet in our air-conditioned vehicle suitable for all pets, minimum charge rate is now 5 miles. Please phone for further details.

5 Star Dining:

Breakfast and Dinner will consist of nutritional and balanced meals, with a choice of canned or dried food, please call for details. Treats are also supplied regularly. Alternatively, please feel free to supply your own food and treats if you would prefer, although normal boarding rates still apply.


Full Immunisations are necessary for all dogs entering the establishment this is mandatory. Certificates must be provided on arrival confirming inoculation within the past 12 months and will remain with us during your pets stay. This is not only for other animal’s protection but also for their own well-being. 
Please contact your veterinary surgeon if you are unsure. 

Canine Influenza (Kennel Cough):

We here at Birchwood, pride ourselves with having very rarely suffered from outbreaks of kennel cough and do everything in our power to keep it out of our kennels. If your dog has or has previously had kennel cough within two weeks of boarding, we regret to say we will be unable to board your dog. 
We highly recommend that all dogs are immunised against kennel cough, although this is not mandatory or a condition of boarding. If you do choose to have your dog immunised against kennel cough please ensure it is at least two weeks prior to boarding.
Kennel cough is basically bronchitis in dogs; it is carried in dogs and not by kennels. Immunisation is not a guarantee your dog will not contract the virus .
To find out more about kennel cough please click here:


In the unlikely event your pet becomes ill, whilst in our care we will seek veterinary assistance immediately, our first protocol would be to use our vet, which we have access to 24 hours a day. If you would prefer us to use your usual vet please leave with us complete details of their address and phone number. If we are unable to make arrangements with your veterinarian, we will use our veterinary service. 

Small Pet Boarders:

Mouse minders are hard to find these days...

Not any more, at Birchwood we are happy to extend our hospitality to all creatures great and small, from rabbits to roosters, tortoises to toads, don't be afraid to ask, if we can accommodate them, we will.